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New Fanfiction! "Hands of Fate #0: Prologue" ft. on Marvel 2012.

Hands of Fate (Issue 0 Prologue)
Written by Luca Baldassarra

*From a nearby tree, we see Young Loki walking down a park path*

Young Loki sits on a park bench in Broxton, Oklahoma the sun rising in the horizon. Lost in his thoughts, Young Loki reflects on an earlier message he received from Mephisto, the Demon Lord of Hell. The message stated simply. “I would speak with you, young trickster. I have news of which would be most intriguing to a youth of such cunning and treachery. Meet me in six days, on the sixth minute of the sixth hour. Come alone.”

Loki (thought): Is it wise of me to trust a demon to be punctual? Rather, should I place any trust in one whom I have slighted so recently? I am nothing if not bold, though this sunrise is rather lovely. The birds sing such beautiful songs in scenery such as this.
*Leaning back in the bench and stretching*
Loki: Is it not a beautiful morning my silent friend?
*Loki hears movement coming from behind him. A rattling, clanking sound*

Mephisto (In human guise): Young Loki, it seems you have accepted my invitation. I should be thankful that you had the wisdom to avoid an unpleasant meeting.

Loki: *Looking past him to the figure standing behind Mephisto* I am told that I am quite mature for my age Demon Lord. Though I had thought we were meeting alone? Who stalks in the shadows behind you?

Mephisto (smirking): No one to be concerned with, so long as you have kept the secret of our meeting.

Loki: A child must respect the wishes of his elders I suppose. What is it you have brought to concern me with? If you wish to address the business of our last meeting, I apologize but that is quite---

Mephisto (serious tone): Do you feel it Loki? Do you feel the changes?

Loki (surprised): Changes? I must admit I know not of what you speak?

Mephisto (leaning on the bench): The nine realms are in flux. The All-Mothers have saw fit to alter reality. Midgard’s heroes….are easily deceived, but not beings such as us. I seek allies Loki, allies who wish to meet this change and find their place within it. Before it settles more…permanently.

------Scene change to Latveria, the Throne room of Doctor Doom-----

Doom: What would a Demon Lord possibly gain from an alliance with Doom?
Mephisto (laughs): I require those who have adequate magical knowledge Doom, and of the mortal beings you are quite formidable.
Doom: The Rider skulking outside, was he not once your enemy?
Mephisto (smirk): We have reached an agreement ,his motives are not your concern. You need only know that the power he wields supports mine own. Would you join your might to ours?

----Scene change to the Sanctum Sanctorum where Doctor Strange and Damian Hellstorm meet to discuss recent events----

Hellstorm: I don’t like it Strange, Mephisto has appeared all over the world. He is planning something.
Strange: Is what you’ve discovered true? He travels with a Ghost Rider?
Hellstorm: My informants are not mistaken. You can’t miss that flaming skull Strange. But from what I understand, there are two riders now. The battle that happened a few weeks ago, it somehow brought them together.
Strange: They were fighting. The damage was devastating. The girl is incredibly strong, and Johnny Blaze….I have not seen him so distraught in all the time I’ve known him.
Hellstorm: So…it’s all happening then. Just like you saw in your visions.
Strange: The visions were clouded Damian, we don’t know exactly what is happening, we need--
Hellstorm: WE NEED to prepare Strange. We can’t be caught off guard this time, not like Las Vegas. (Referring to Circle of Four, by Rick Remender)
-silence between the two for a few moments-
Strange: I will prepare the initial spell work, in the mean time you must track Mephisto’s movements. Follow him as closely as you can, but stay hidden.
Hellstorm: I will find the girl, we will need her power for the days ahead.

------On the outskirts of Broxton, Oklahoma-----

Alejandra: Explain to me why I should not slay you where you stand Asgardian.
*Pressing her sword against Loki’s throat, she is holding him from behind*
Loki: Well, if you would kindly allow me to *uff* breathe for just a moment, I will do just that.
Alejandra: What do you want? Why did you ask me to come here?
Loki: To warn you, about the actions of your enemy. Mephisto is gathering allies, he has a plan that will change the world as we know it and he needs the power of a Ghost Rider to do it.
Alejandra: Mephisto needs my help? Why would I help the demon lord of Hell?
Loki: He doesn’t need you, because he already has a Rider of his own. Mephisto has possessed Johnny Blaze.
Alejandra: What? But how did he….Tell me everything you know Asgardian, right now.

*In a nearby tree, a magpie watches Loki and Alejandra talk.*

To be continued in “Hands of Fate” Issue 1.

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